Temporary protection

Off-season / Refit

The excellence in temporary protection for deck, interior, and technical areas of your vessel!

To keep your vessel maintained and protected while refit works or off-season time, we recommend temporary protection to be set up into sensible areas to prevent damages and dirt on the vessel.

CYOR uses protection materials adapted to the needs of the vessel, to maintain it during all the works period, and to take it off at the end of the work projects or at the end of the winter season.

We use materials as carpets, PVC, foam rubber, rubber, covers and any other adhesive adapted to each surface. Each sensible area of the vessel as machine room, teak, stainless steel, windows, upholstery, carpets, paintings and other details will be protected with its own adequate protection.

Contact us to get quotes for our temporary protection setting, done by our efficient and trained team, very well adapted products for temporary protection.

Our goal is to keep your yacht always protected and in pristine condition!


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