Port of Kotor

42.4256° N  18.7677° E

VHF channel: 17/16

80 berths/ up to 300m in length 

✓ Capacity: 80
✓ Pilotage for all yachts of over 1000 gt
✓ Electricity: 16A, 32A
✓ Water connection
✓ Draft limitations: n/a
✓ Air draft limitations: 80 m

The depth of the sea near the shore is from 12,8 meters on the top of the operative shore to 3 meters at the end of the part of the shore towards the Škurda river, respectively 12,8 meters to 8,6 meters at the other part of the operative shore dedicated for performing of international maritime traffic.

The land part of the operative surface of the port amounts to about 4000 m².