Port of Bar

42.0922° N 19.0844° E

VHF channel: 16

Up to 40m in length

✓ Pilotage Services
✓ Internal Security Services
✓ Tugging and Mooring Services
✓ Garbage Services
✓ Fresh Water Services

The largest port on the Montenegrin coast is the port of Bar. It is located in the heart of the Bay of Bar and has a very attractive geographical position. The city of Bar is the connection of Montenegro with the world, which is connected with Italy by the Adriatic Sea. Throughout the year, there is a regular line on the route Bar-Bari-Bar and Bar-Ancona-Bar.

Founded in 1906, the Port has been gaining the necessary business experience for more than a century and building partnerships with its clients, ensuring a constant presence on the market. The marina covers 55.000 square meters and has 528 berths in the sea divided into 11 sections. Due to its favorable geographical position, the Port is ideal as a starting port for sailing along the picturesque Montenegrin coast, bays, and harbors.