Having several disciplines on board working together in the right order can be a big challenge.




Get professional CONTRACTORS to provide the right skills and tools needed for the projects on your vessel.

  • We work to get the best possible price


  • We have the best team of professionals to study each case


  • We do what is most convenient for the vessel


  • We know what and how things need to be done


  • We know with who to work with.


We walk and talk thought, then advice, quote and coordinate the whole refit project from beginning till end.

Feel free to have a brainstorm session to find out about the possibilities.

If there’s something you need but can’t find in our service overview, just give us a call. One of our professional specialists can create a solution tailored to your individual needs.


We don’t advertise fixed prices because boats are maintained differently, condition varies and boat owners desire different levels of cleaning and services.

With a customized maintenance program, together we can design a cost conscious package.


We encourage you to fill out our QUOTE REQUEST form to help us better understand your needs