Montenegro Citizenship by Investment

Montenegro Citizenship by Investment

Montenegro Citizenship by Investment

Porto Montenegro

Attractive Investment Destination

Make your favourite home-from-home official and secure Montenegro citizenship by investment for the whole family when you purchase a residence in Porto Montenegro’s newest development, Boka Place.


€100,000 donation
to a Montenegrin government development fund

€450,000 investment
investment in a government-approved development project

To apply for Montenegro’s citizenship by investment programme (CBIP), investors should hold a valid passport, have proof of no criminal record, and be able to demonstrate that investment funds have been legally obtained.

Porto Montenegro’s newest neighbourhood is home to a diverse community designed to offer the best in Mediterranean-style urban living – with light and airy residential spaces surrounding stylish public squares where fashion and lifestyle boutiques mingle with bars, restaurants and more.

Residential offering

Residential offering

  • 144 hotel-managed properties offering access to the facilities of the hotel SIRO
  • Hotel concierge services, in-room hospitality and entertainment
  • Uniquely designed to support in-house wellness activities
  • Opportunity to participate in SIRO rental pool programme
  • Buyers eligible for Montenegro’s Citizenship by Investment Programme
  • Studio apartments from €190,000

Important Information

  • 3 MONTHS
    average processing time
  • 6 MONTHS
    from application to citizenship
    current programme ending in December 2021
The look of Porto at dusk

Citizenship & Boka Place

Buyers of residences at Porto Montenegro’s newest development, Boka Place, can secure single or multiple investments from the new Kerzner-Managed Residence portfolio to meet the CBIP minimum investment threshold.
Porto Montenegro’s newest neighbourhood is home to a diverse community designed to offer the best in urban-living – with light, airy spaces that attract colourful enterprise from retail to gastronomy and everything in-between.

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  • Official EU candidate with planned accession by 2025
  • Visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to 124 countries
  • A strong passport ranked 47th on the 2021 Henley Passport Index
  • E-2 Treaty Programme between Montenegro and the US allows Montenegrin citizens to apply for E-2 investor visas to work and live in the US
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Montenegro Lifestyle

  • Multinational and multilingual community
  • Mediterranean climate
  • Low cost of living
  • Member state of the European Monetary
    Union, the NATO Alliance, OSCE and WTO
Sailing boat in Boka Bay

Taxation Benefit

  • Euro currency
  • No foreign exchange controls
  • 9% withholding tax
  • Tax levied on ownership of property
  • 3% tax levied on transfer of immovable property
  • 3% tax levied on inheritance of real estate
  • Low personal and corporate tax rates of 9%
  • 21% VAT and reduced rate of 7% levied on certain goods services
  • Taxation treaties with over 40 countries
Programme highlights

Programme highlights

  • No relocation requirements
  • No requirement to renounce existing nationality
  • Investment is payable only upon the approval of citizenship
  • No interview, language test, education, or management experience is required
  • 3 weeks to residency, approximately 6 months to citizenship